Unknown Entities

5 Terrifying Wartime Monster Sightings

July 21, 2017 Laura 0

War itself is a monster. However, across the centuries there have been reports by soldiers of actual monsters in the theatre of war. Some experienced fighters even claim that they have been reduced to primal […]

Psychic Abilities

The Enigma of Franek Kluski

July 14, 2017 Erik 0

I must warn the reader that the phenomenon we are about to examine is something so extraordinary that the mind will immediately and instinctively act to dismiss it. That is why it will be important […]

Demons & the Devil

5 Historic Encounters with the Devil

July 7, 2017 Laura 0

Lucifer, Satan, Iblīs, Beelzebub – these are but some of the many names used to describe the arch-demonic enemy of mankind. A diabolical Devil-figure appears in history all across the globe. Whether such a monstrously […]