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03/03/2017 4:37 pm  

I would be interested to know if any bloodwork was done on the man who subjected himself to observation. Another outstanding video! I am convinced that someday soon this channel will be the highest subscribed paranormal videos on YouTube. 

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Thank you!

Yes, blood samples were checked regularly throughout the observation. The lead doctor on the case, Dr Shah, produced a case summary with all such details (someone with a medical background will undoubtedly find this more revealing than I!). From what I understood of the case, Jani was determined to be in perfect health by all those involved (apart from some slight hearing loss consistent with his age). 

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12/03/2017 11:19 am  

The Wikipedia page says that he lost weight over the course of one of the studies, indicating that it possibly wasn't his normal lifestyle (but then Wikipedia isn't always accurate, I haven't examined the sources).

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