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06/01/2017 9:25 pm  

I would be interested to see a video about telekinesis, or other paranormal 'abilities'. - We care about what's in a person's heart, not their pants!

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07/01/2017 7:36 am  

After making our 'seers' predictions video, we have considered what other paranormal abilities we would like to investigate. Premonition is one, as we have heard from a couple of our subscribers who claim to have experienced this. I have also experienced this once, which left me shaken.

Telekinesis too sounds intriguing. We shall add it to our ideas list! Please keep in mind that even if you do not see this video for a while, it does not mean we have forgotten, we merely have a lot of video ideas to make! Regardless, your suggestion is very valued. We hope we live up to expectations.

Thank you.


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24/01/2017 1:24 am  

I think Astral Projection is very interesting. Also Extra-Sensory Perception.


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03/02/2017 7:10 pm  
Posted by: scarygothgirl


I would be interested to see a video about telekinesis, or other paranormal 'abilities'.


If you are interested in Telekenesis testing out your "powers" with it great and eazy was to start is Cloudbusting more bout this. Cloud Busting and the Effect of Intention you can do it on the sky that you see (for the 1st test pick a small cloud) or some times for fun I do it true a life cam that is on the other side of the planet it does matter the efect is the same. Keep in mind that diferend people do the same thing differently 4 example some will visualize sky without that cloud, others will project a beam of energy in it... some will make a cross over the cloud to disperse it and so on. 

Any ways cloud busting is a great an easy way to start Telekenesis or to start realizing that there is maybe more to this world than meets the eye.  🙂 

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