The best "ghost photo"  


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30/04/2017 2:39 pm  

In one of our early videos we examined five photographs claiming to depict a ghost. The photos which we chose we, at the time, thought best represented the genre. Later, we did our 10 mysterious photos video and touched on a few more. One which still stands out in my mind is the "tulip staircase ghost" - I cannot explain it. So, all of this led me to wonder, what is the best "ghost photo" you have come across?

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08/06/2017 4:13 pm  

I'm not sure I am 100% convinced by many ghost photographs but I suppose there are a few out there that make you think.

One photo I find interesting is this one: 

It was apparently taken along the A75 in Scotland. Supposedly the most haunted road in Britain. I read about a few crazy things that have been witnessed on it. Here's a link if you're interested:

Rather interesting. I always find the idea of long stretches of roads being haunted very creepy. Just the thought of driving along the dark almost empty road at night gives me goosebumps lol.

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