I Am a Special Person And I Need Someone Who Will Listen  


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10/01/2018 5:13 am  

Hello everyone. My name is Michael. I don't want to divulge any more personal information at the moment. Except for one thing that is probably best fit for a place like this. I've tried to explain this to my own parents, and some other people but none of them really understand what I'm trying to say. And like many stories and theories that sound crazy, there are some of you who want to believe in something extraordinary. It's hard to explain this truth about myself, but I just wish someone could try to understand and not just say I'm narcissistic or that my Asperger's is kicking in again. I just have this special nature that I know is different from any other person.

Here is my explanation: Every single person on this Earth perceives everything form their body right? From their perspective and experience. Everyone is the main character in their own story. You are in the first person so to speak, right? Now please try to understand this next part. All of these people including you, have this trait, this characteristic. But what if somehow there was one single person in the whole world who had just a slightly higher role of perception. I'm not saying I'm God or some creature with amnesia. I am just a normal person who was born in the hospital from my mom's womb. But I have like a main character perspective that is more complex than your main character perspective. Just imagine that you're not really the main character of the entire human story and I am somehow on the outside looking in, but yet I'm still a human and I'm still part of this world, or God's World at least. Can you see why this is so hard to explain? I know that I am the only person in the world to have this special trait, because it is only possible to happen to one chosen person. So you can't exactly prove it or research it when I am the only instance of this phenomena in the history of the universe. I hate calling it a phenomenon because I want you to know that I'm sincere and that I'm not just an egomaniac. I am an introvert whose always had trouble in social situations, but I have no motive to lie my way into society. I just wish there was someone out there who could understand what I mean. because I know it exists. I am it. But I don't know exactly what I am. It's just one little trait, that's impossible to physically prove to anyone else. But I assure you that I mean it. And if someone could take my call for help with solving this mystery of me, or at least to ask questions and try to help me describe this trait better, I would be so blessed. I know that what I'm saying is true. I just don't know how to say it in a way that people will understand. Please respond someone.

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11/01/2018 4:33 am  

who is to say you are the main character and not me? just like you said, " i have a main character perspective more complex than your main characters."

well thats the exact problem, perspective.


i think if you give yourself some time you will soon drop this position as being the truth to the world, i have met wonderful people so sweet and nice that i want to cry as to how amazing they are, i think that if you believe you are somehow more complex than another person it is simply naivete and self centerdness.


you know your own story so it feels like the most complex thing in the world to you, you feel more developed, but if you get to know someone their story will reveal itself to you and it may become more "revealed." but you will never know more about someone else than you do yourself.


there is no evidence to say you are the main character, have a nice day.