Established in the summer of 2015, The Paranormal Scholar started life as the YouTube channel of the husband and wife team, Erik and Laura.

Quality and transparency of research was important from the start. After being frustrated by an internet saturated with unreliable evidence and, in the worst case, hoaxes, the pair wanted to bring a fresh approach to unexplained phenomena. They believe that a critical eye and an open-mind can coexist. As such, the principles of The Paranormal Scholar embody everything that Erik and Laura feel research should be.

As their YouTube channel grew, was launched. This website was created with the intention of providing a ‘safe space’ for open-mindedness and discussion. From the beginning, the personal mantra “Discussion is the lifeblood of understanding” has been close to the heart of The Paranormal Scholar.  Yet, above all, Laura and Erik intended to be the first step in developing the work started on YouTube. As well as providing footnotes and further reading for their YouTube content, has given Erik and Laura an outlet for more detailed research.

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